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It's Worth It-Treasure in a Field

Kristin Hill


But when you experience it for yourself, it leaves a mark. Like a coffee cup that leaves behind an impression, a life that’s been genuinely impacted becomes clear to others. The value becomes obvious. They want to know where to find it.

Most people don’t see this kind of value in the local church. They see religious tradition. They see vague spirituality that helps you get what you want. They see a self-righteous façade that doesn’t feel genuine or compassionate. But what if we’ve missed something more?

What if you could live each day with a clear conviction that your life mattered?

What if you could have the kind of authentic relationships you’ve always wanted?

What if you could go beyond simply changing your behaviors to become the best version of who you were created to be?

The truth is, we’re all longing for this kind of life. The problem is we don’t know where to find it and we’re afraid of what it might cost. And yet, once we experience it, we’re willing to exchange everything for this kind of life and we want to tell everybody else about this incredible treasure we’ve found.