Next Gen Creative is designed to help kids discover and develop their God-Given Gifts through music and the arts.  We strive to create an environment that is alive with biblical truth made relevant to kids by using each of their unique gifts.

We pray that it would be a musical expression for children and students as they encounter God, passionately pursue Jesus Christ and His Cause, and build foundations that they will follow for the rest of their lives. Seeing children worship their Heavenly Father in spirit and truth is the greatest reward we could imagine and we believe it creates moments for them that they will never forget!


Gracekids Worship and Creative

It's our heart to see kids of all ages be involved in leading our 1st-5th grade students into the presence of Jesus. Each age group has the potential to be used to lead others and grow in their craft. We have broken it down by age groups and what level of involvement they can have in the Next Gen Creative Team.


Worship Team: 5th-12th 

This teams role is to lead the students in worship through song.  Whether they sing backup or a solo, this roles main focus is to teach the kids what it looks like to praise Jesus. Please click on the button below for the audition requirements.

Platform Dance Team: 2nd-12th

This Team helps create a fun and worshipful experience through dance.  Visual Unity is so powerful and helps the kids express their heart towards Jesus. Please click on the button below for the audition requirements.

Frontline Team: 1st-3rd

This Team is designed to engage on the frontline of the floor facing the students.  This is a training ground and a beginner level for those that are looking to get involved but need some more experience in the worship environment. Their number one objective is to help their friends worship off the platform and set an example of the worshippers heart. Please click on the button below for the audition requirements.

Rise Students Worship and Creative

The youth are the next generation coming up through the Church, so it’s important to pour into, to disciple, and to bring the creativity/leadership out of each one of them to ensure the Church as a whole moves from strength to strength.

Rise Student Worship is a combination for Adults and Students.  Creating an environment for the younger to learn from the older creatively is of huge importance and value in the growth of any Church.  If you are interested in being on the Rise Creative Team, Please click on the button below for the audition requirements.